Advanced Level Submission Procedures for Instructors

  1. Review project with student.
  2. Complete the Advanced Level Check off document with the student
  3. The IT Specialist will review the project and return it to you with comments and suggestions. Please make sure the students understand that they will need to submit their project more than once before it is approved.

General Notes

  • An advanced personal project cannot be a collection of MIA code as the reviewer cannot see the skills applied in new settings and therefore cannot assess if the students understand the concepts. That is, a collage of MIA code can never demonstrate the understanding of concepts, because to demonstrate understanding, students need to use those concepts in new settings in their own creative projects.

  • Copying code from MIAs or Activity Sheets does not demonstrate understanding of a skill. If students copy code, and they want to use that code to make a skill count, they should explain a lot and clearly.

  • Using the vocabulary words associated with an Advanced Skill does not demonstrate the skill, necessarily. For example: using launch doesn't necessarily make "two processes run at the same time".

Specific Notes

Advanced MicroWorlds Skills (must include at least 4):

  • Activate more than one process at a time within a procedure
    • use one of the commands in the vocabulary to activate the procedures.
    • check the Processes Tab to verify that two or more processes are running when they are supposed to
  • Exception Handling
    • by using the carefully command on a chunk of code that otherwise can cause the project to stop working because an error message is displayed.
  • Control the movement of a turtle in relation to the position of other turtles
    • the turtle should move, or stop moving, because it is too far away, too close, or even touching another turtle
      • too far away, too close. Determined using distance
      • or touching another turtle. Determined using touching?
  • Manage the content of text boxes through programming
    • with the ct, insert, print, cut, paste commands. Even set.
  • List Processing
    • manipulating text behind the scenes
      • assembling lists from lists, words, and numbers to use with announce, question or setpos
      • selecting items (words or lists) from lists with pick, textpick
  • Add sound to a project using a procedure
    • using the note command
  • Program repetitive actions that vary
  • Write procedures with inputs
    • the student should understand that procedure inputs is not the same as receiving input from the keyboard (key strokes) using procedures
    • it is not about receiving input from the user (like with question, or the movement of the mouse) in a procedure.
    • also, procedures with inputs are not procedures that use commands that receive inputs.
  • Manipulation of random distributions
    • Must use random and operations on the output of random.
  • Arithmetic with variable like things
  • Arithmetic with functions and/or multiple operations
    • Mixing these +,/,*,- operators or
    • Using those operators and output of other MicroWorlds functions (possibly math functions)
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